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Stay Fit

Staying fit can be fun if you do it with friends and have no pressure on the end results.  Believing that you or your kids can do ANYTHING if you just try leads you to unbelievable experiences.  Several photos below are from two local triathlons the kids were in.  Good friends and neighbors doing it with them took the stress off and allowed them to have fun.

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Maddie running from the pool to the bikes


Kayla running from the pool to the bikes


Kayla getting ready to ride


Kayla getting ready to ride

IMG 0604

Kayla getting ready to ride

IMG 0608

Kayla running towards finish line

Kayla & Claire

Kayla and friend Claire grant running in towards finish line

Dena Cyr

Dena Cyr from Operation Bootcamp (neighbor and friend) congratulating Maddie after completion of the race


Kayla completing race

IMG 0396

Friends celebrate completing the race (Mia, Kayla, Claire, Maddie, and Ellie)

Maddie and Kayla

IMG 0405

Maddie, Kayla, Alex, Regan and Parker all friends and neighbors supporting each other at the end of the race

IMG 0700

Mr. Malcolm inspiring others to reach their potential in exercise class at the gym

stayfit photo
IMG 0603
IMG 0611

Some people need to be motivated by instructors in class settings or one on one.  If that is the case, get involved in your local gym or hire a personal trainer.  Boot Camps are big these days and we are fortunate to have a local organization that delivers Boot Camps in various locations to fit our local needs.  In my neighborhood, Dena Cyr is the director of one such camp “Operation Boot Camp”.  Please see information below:




Are you someone who…

  • …wants to take the first steps to fitness but you don't know where to begin?
  • …exercises regularly but needs motivation to get out of your workout rut?
  • …needs to get fit quickly for a special event, with a program that guarantees results?

Whatever your goals, Operation Boot Camp will jump start your fitness progress with a 30-day specially-designed, outdoor fitness boot camp program that energizes and encourages, that lifts you up and doesn't knock you down.  Our experienced team of instructors works with you, every step of the way, to help you achieve your goals and reach a whole new level of health. While we're getting you into the best shape of your life, we'll also coach you on nutrition and attitude – and help you break down the mental barriers that may be keeping you from your potential.

Sure, we call ourselves a Boot Camp - but nobody's going to yell in your face or intimidate you!  Our instructors love to laugh and have a good time – even while they challenge you to achieve the progress you're after.  Once you get in the groove, you're going to love how our program makes you feel and the results you'll gain.  The overwhelming majority of our clients always do and they come back for more!

Locally, you can find us "camping" at Hoschton Park off of Hwy 53 in Hoschton next to West Jackson Primary School or Prince of Peace Catholic Church off of Spout Springs Rd. in Flowery Branch, GA. Hope to see you in the grass!

Dena Cyr
678-977-2149 c

Director of Operations

1-888-7 FITNOW

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