Michelle Polk RN, BSN, MS Ed, HHP, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

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Michelle began her traditional nursing career in the hospital taking care of cardiac medical/surgical/critical-care patients.  Her husband was a college football coach so they were on the move A LOT.   Each new football job landed Michelle a new nursing job.  Because of this, she had the opportunity to work in many types of health care settings. She worked in clinics, hospitals, and rehab centers and taught in universities, vo-tech schools, and hospital clinical nursing departments.  This experience was invaluable. 

Administratively, Michelle was able to make an impact as the Director of Quality and Risk Management where she worked with every department in the hospital (nursing/physicians/clerical/housekeeping/engineering/human resources, etc.) improving their systems and preventing risk situations.  Each experience gave her an opportunity to evaluate where the health care system thrived and where it failed. 

Michelle’s true passion happened to be where the Health Care System failed; Preventative Health and Natural Healing.  So, she began her mission to create an environment where preventative health and natural healing was a common practice.  That idea eventually helped form the Holistic Health Clinic she now owns and operates, Long Term Solutions, LLC. 

Meet our Consultants

Kathy Everett is a Holistic Nutritionist with a passion for helping others learn to eat well for disease prevention and disease management.   She is a Board member for the Healing Strong Community and is active locally with cancer education.  Kathy assists us with ancient food preparation classes.  

Laura Madison is a Certified Health Coach and Young Living Essential Oils Consultant.  She brings her experience and passion in the Natural Health Industry to Long Term Solutions, LLC.  Being a mom herself, she empowers other moms/familes to navigate the current health care system and " find their voice" and confidence in speaking their desires.   We have so many great tools in Natural Health today and Laura desirses to share them with our clients.

Shannon Schmitt is a Certified Health Coach whose passion for helping others began with her 18 year career as a Physical Therapist Assistant. After taking a holistic approach to her own health, she brings her personal experience and Health Coach training to guide, mentor, and empower others to do the same. She can support many facets of wellness and is passionate about helping my clients reach their full potential.


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