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What Others Are Saying About Nutrition Response Testing SM

Overweight / Joint Pain / Insomnia

It has been one whole year since I started the program and I can't believe how the time has flown. When I first started, I was overweight, suffered from joint pain, could not sleep through the night and was feeling generally depressed that this was how my life would be. I tried every diet, was taking Ambien at times to sleep and felt I would have to go on some kind of medicine for the joint pain. Additionally, I did not want to be on a cycle of taking cholesterol and blood pressure medicines which had been recommended for me. This is not what I wanted to do but did not understand how to get around it. Then my dear friends introduced me to a Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner.  What a difference one year has made!

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Blood Sugar

In August 2012, before I came to the clinic, I was in a physical crisis. My blood sugars were rarely below 220, regardless of the 42 units of insulin I was taking every evening. My mood swings were only minimized by “UTTER” exhaustion. I would fall asleep for 2-3 hours (if not longer) in the middle of the day, not just to sleep because I needed a nap, but because I could NOT stay awake.

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Anxiety Attacks

Before becoming a Nutrition Response Testing client, I suffered from anxiety attacks, nervousness and major sleep problems. This was becoming a real problem because I used to call out many time from work, I was not able to sleep at night. I also stopped helping my mother at her job. I stopped doing so many things in my life. I only wanted to stay home crying because I could not find the way out of this. I searched and searched for help because deep inside of me I knew that there was real help. I refused to take things that I did not know what they were and it’s “secondary effects” and if they were going to damage me more than helping me, I wanted something to solve this problems for once and for all, but by then I was giving up. A dear friend of mine told me about Nutrition Response Testing. I decided to go and see if there was any kind of help for my symptoms, I could not be like this anymore. I arrived at the office, that same day I was given “Min-Chex” an amazing supplement! That same night I slept like a baby and felt so different the next morning, I saw life in a different way! Since then I stopped calling out from work, in fact I’m one of the best employees, I also started helping my mother again at her job, she is the most important person in my life. I now feel so good! I have energy throughout the day and I’m able to sleep at night, also no more panic attacks in the train!. I feel the difference of before and now. I really like my new me. Thank you for giving me my life back! also to the great staff who had being so patient and amazing with me! Love you guys !!!!  

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Prior to coming to see me, patient SS had severe PMS, short periods, severe cramping (requireing heating pad, motrin/tylenol, and a few hours in bed each month).  She also had eczema, thyroid issues, and cardiac issues.  After coming to see me, her PMS has normalized, no more eczema, mild, if any cramping during her menses, her thyroid and cardiac issues have stabilized and she just comes in every several months for a evaluation to make sure she stays on track.

Hot Flashes

I went to see several Nutrition Response Practitioners, but I didn’t like what I heard from their evaluations.  I Thought there is NO way that I have parasites!.  But everyone I went to said that I had several immune challenges that my body needed to address.  I kept saying that “I have hot flashes and no menstrual cycle! How is managing an immune situation going to fix my  hormones?”  They all told me the same thing, ANYTHING CAN CAUSE ANYTHING.  Well I really wanted this handled so I finally committed to Dr. Miller, DC.  I had to remove all grains, which I had already prety much done, eat more protein and take a bunch of supplements.  The results were hard to believe, but honestly, in one week, my hot flashes were gone, by the second week, the night sweats were gone.  Through out the remainder of the 12 scheduled visits, little things started to get better.  By the 11th week, all the immune challenges had been managed and my menstrual cycle returned!  I needed to stay on Kidney support a little bit longer, but everything that I origionally went to have managed was indeed managed in the 12 visit schedule they set up for my 1st evalaution period.  I have to say, I was completly amazed that all of this was possible.  The body is an amazing temple of wisdom beyond my understandng, but by pushing on my arm and having the practitioner know what to do with those results, I am again feeling like my old self.  Thank you Dr. Miller, DC

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I suffered from migraines all of my life.  I took a lot of medicines for my headaches.  I have been coming here for 3 weeks now.  Since taking the supplements and changing my eating habits and I haven’t taken any medicine for my headaches for 3 weeks now!


Prior to being seen by Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner I found myself so exhausted that I could hardly function.  I have two small children and could barely complete the “usual” daily routines, let alone anything extra.  All I wanted to do was sleep and I was well aware of how apathetic I had become.  I was tired no matter how much sleep I got..  since I started taking the recommended supplements and following my program guidelines, I feel like I did prior to having children.  I wake up with energy, enjoy my children, and have pursued interests that I was too exhausted to even think about before.

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Eating Real Foods

Before coming here, I was eating alot of refined foods and eating out a lot.  I learned that the food I was eating was not giving me the vitamins and minerals to make my body work.  I admit it was difficult at first, eating out less, or changing what I ordered on the menu.  The hardest thing was having the waiter take away the bread basket.  My kids still yell at me for that.  They say, “mommy we don’t like you seeing that doctor. Before you started going there we could eat the bread, and now just because you can’t eat the bread, none of us can. That’s not fair!”.

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Immune Challenges

I am a very busy wife and mother of 4 boys. During the winter of 2009 to th summer of 2012, I did not feel well. I had many symptoms and no one could help me. I had seen my family practitioner a few times, she referred me at first to my dentist, then an ENT. After that I saw an R.A doctor then a Neurologist and finished up with an Endocrinologist. After many visits and specialist, co-pays,  MRI's, X-rays and many blood tests, the only thing I was told was I had very low Vitamin D, Calcium, and Iron levels, so they put me on supplements and tested me later. My levels were still very low. I was tested for R.A., Mono, Sarcoidosis, Shingles and Thyroid issues. I had upper GI Tract tests, (looking into stomach surgery). I was told from the ENT that I had a salivary gland infection and I also found out that I had “Arnold Chiari Malformation.” Once I was treated for those I thought I would get better and I didn't.

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