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Immune Challenges

I am a very busy wife and mother of 4 boys. During the winter of 2009 to th summer of 2012, I did not feel well. I had many symptoms and no one could help me. I had seen my family practitioner a few times, she referred me at first to my dentist, then an ENT. After that I saw an R.A doctor then a Neurologist and finished up with an Endocrinologist. After many visits and specialist, co-pays,  MRI's, X-rays and many blood tests, the only thing I was told was I had very low Vitamin D, Calcium, and Iron levels, so they put me on supplements and tested me later. My levels were still very low. I was tested for R.A., Mono, Sarcoidosis, Shingles and Thyroid issues. I had upper GI Tract tests, (looking into stomach surgery). I was told from the ENT that I had a salivary gland infection and I also found out that I had “Arnold Chiari Malformation.” Once I was treated for those I thought I would get better and I didn't.

My symptoms:

High inflammation levels, large swollen glands, swollen tongue, headaches, acid reflux, bloated and tender stomach, chills and hot spells, chronic fatigue, achy joints, week arms and legs, neck and back pain, brain fog;( I had trouble finishing my own sentences or doing basic math), excess weight gain unable to lose weight through exercise and diet.

Symptoms Continued:

Swollen ankle with a torn tendon in my foot and plantar fasciitis, (I had been to a podiatrist, physical therapist and an orthopedic surgeon, with no help). I wasn't able to do much, especially in the winter. I would go back to bed and sleep for hours. Many people told me I was just depressed needed to get on medication, but I was frustrated because I wanted to do so many things and couldn't and wanted to get off the medications I was taking.

In all this I spoke with a speech therapist because I had vocal issues and she told me I didn't need therapy but I would benefit from seeing an allergist and nutritionist. In the summer of 2012 I met Luisa at our kids dive meet working the scoring table. Because of my many mistakes which she was checking, we got to talking and I found out she was a nutritionist.

Since working with Luisa, I have lost 36 pounds in 5 months, and rid myself of parasites. After the 1st week I felt better than I had in years. My fatigue went away and I am able to wake up in the morning and get through the entire day with out needing a nap or caffeine. My joints don't hurt and the swelling in my ankle is gone and the plantar fasciitis is not an issue anymore. My brain is clear and I can finish my thoughts and sentences. I can even multitask without frustration. I no longer look 5 months pregnant and puffy. I am happy and people all around me notice the difference, especially my family. I have been told my eyes look brighter. I have learned more about food, nutrition than I ever thought I could. It will help me get through the rest of my life in better health and will benefit the health of my family.

This has been the best experience and a true blessing in my life.  KF

Story sharred from Nutrition Response Testing Colleague Luisa Szakacs

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